Neck Pain and Headaches
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Get Relief from Long-Term Neck Pain and Headaches with Dr. Ryan Madigan, D.C.

Neck Pain & Headache Treatment in Midland | True Motion Spine & Sport - neckpageThe upper back and neck provide support to the head, with the top third of your neck providing most of your head’s movement.

The lower two-thirds of your neck and upper back support movement from your head and shoulders, and create stability to the area. Joints in the neck are much smaller than the rest of the spine, making them susceptible to injury from stress, lack of movement, heavy lifting and sports.

Just looking down at your phone or up at a computer screen for long periods of time can cause adhesion in your neck, so it’s no wonder many of us suffer from neck pain and headaches. The team at True Motion Spine & Sport can pinpoint and treat the source of your neck pain, return your range of motion and offer suggestions to prevent further injury from overuse and athletics.

Common Causes of Neck Pain & Headaches We Treat:

Muscle Adhesion

Adhesion acts like glue in muscle, making it weaker and less flexible. When muscles and tissues are overused, adhesion will develop. Adhesion is the most common cause of neck pain, it is also the most misdiagnosed cause of neck pain. Adhesion in the muscles of the upper neck can make your neck weaker and less flexible. When that happens, the patient may experience pain and tightness or headaches.

Cervical Disc Injury

Intervertebral discs are meant to perform as shock absorbers in the spine. Poor posture can put a ton of stress on the discs in the neck and lead to lack of range of motion and pain. This is most common in someone with a desk job, car accident victims, or someone who spends a lot of time staring down at their phone.


As we get older, years of wear and tear add up. This is especially the case in the neck. When we overuse a joint, the arthritis process can start, making the joints less flexible and painful. Reducing adhesion in all the surrounding tissues can help restore proper range of motion, and possibly slow down the degenerative process.

If you are suffering from Neck Pain or Headaches, contact True Motion Spine & Sport. We treat the underlying cause of your pain, offering long-term relief, not just a temporary fix.